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Product Range

Here at AES-ECO we realise each property is different and therefor will require a different biomass heating system. We offer a wide range of products from many different manufacturers and pride ourselves on giving professional advice and recommendations so you get the not only the boiler you want but the boiler that is correctly sized and installed so you will have peace of mind knowing you have the right product to heat your home.

Biomass Stoves

Stove biomass boilers are often the smaller of the biomass range, these boilers tend to supply heat to room they are in and some are able to heat a few radiators or a domestic hot water system. Biomass stoves come with an integrated hopper system and the wood pellets are manually loaded, these stoves can add a great designer look to the room they are fitted in but unfortunately they tend not to be MCS approves and no payment will be made from the government should you choose to have one fitted.

Biomass Stove Boilers

Biomass stove boilers generate more heat and will come with a back boiler, these are designed to not only look great in your property but provide all your heating requirements for space heating and domestic hot water systems. These stoves work in 2 ways by producing convection heat in the room they are installed and the boiler working to provide your hot water. Ideally suited for smaller properties, offices and show rooms. These also have the integrated hopper system that will need to be loaded by hand.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers tend not to be as easy on the eye and wouldn't play a role installed in your home on view, these boilers can be housed in a small shed, garage or custom built cabin along with a fuel store. These boilers are the larger of the domestic range and and can provide heat for much larger homes, as these boilers are larger in output they will use more fuel so auger systems and fuel stores can be added to reduce the manual loading. The biomass boiler shown here is a MCZ practika and can be supplied with a 150 kg hopper.
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About us

We are UK installers of domestic and commercial biomass boilers. No project is too small or large.

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